What is the use of Art?

What is the use of Art?
Some of you may ask, “What is the use of art”?
Let’s pretend you bought a new house. Everything you need seems to be in it; the beds to sleep in, the chairs to sit on, and the table where you can eat your meals. There are lamps to give you light and heat to keep you warm, closets and cabinets for storing the things you need.
But as long as the walls are without pictures, they look bare and uninteresting. Your eyes get hungry for something pretty or fun to look at. You wish you had a picture of a story or a place of people. You might like to look at a quiet landscape to give your mind a rest, or something cheerful to brighten you up. This is what pictures can do for us in the home. This is one of the uses of art.
In town Hall or the Court House, we like to have pictures showing the important events I our country’s history. In the public Library we want portraits of great writers and poets whose works we read. In parks and main squares of a city we like to see statues of the great men, women and heroes who fill our hearts with pride. This is the use of art in public places.
The magic power of art can arouse all kinds of emotions in us, from simple joy to much deeper feelings and artists are great people whose works of art can gladden our eyes, enrich our thoughts, and deepen our feelings.
Those artists who are sculptors make shapes or statues out of shapeless stone or clay. Painters make pictures out of lines and colors. There is order and rhythm in their work and it takes great skill to do it well. Our highest praise for anything that is beautifully done is: “This is a real work of art!”

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