Nancy York artists

Nancy York
Color pencil artist

Nancy has been drawing since her childhood in New York and with a push by her High school art teacher; she earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Buffalo State College. She taught Art from elementary thru high school. It is the years following that she broke away from teaching that she expanded her art talent.
While residing in Boulder, Colorado she swapped her brushes for a bit of humor and a sewing machine. Nancy produced a line of whimsical stuffed animals that she sold at art shows and a shop in Vail Colorado. Then she moved to Florida, Nancy studied and later taught china painting. She entered a variety of art shows on the East coast of Florida. Her first art show in New Smyrna Beach Florida garnered her first place for water color entry. As a member of the Artists workshop in New Smyrna Beach she was presented with the prestigious award, Willard A Kelly Memorial for her porcelain painting. Through her efforts, china painting became better recognized as an art form and became better accepted at the art shows. This was due to her efforts and wonderful work of china painting. Now it is a considered art form.
Today, Nancy’s main focus is in mastering colored pencil drawing. Nancy draws people and pets. If you ask Nancy how long it takes to do a portrait, she will answer “73 years.”

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