Barbara Morris Artist story

Barbara Rudich Morris taught kindergarten in Baltimore Maryland for 35 years. She went to the University of Maryland and The John Hopkins University. Barbara has raised four children and has three grandchildren.

Barbara started painting spiritual, circular designs(Mandalas) as an extension of her work as an Integrative Breath work Practitioner. Barbara is a self-taught artist by happenstance. She attended two weekend workshops with
Paul Heussenstamm, Who introduced her to mandala and art as a sacred path. Her work has been displayed at many juried  shows in Baltimore, in neighborhood restaurants, and in art gallery shows.
Barbara's paintings are a creative expression of her passion for nature, color, and trans formation. Mandalas are the doorway into the language of the soul. "from my souls perspective my paintings are alive, breathing pulsating, dancing, and glowing: carrying the forces of the unconscious."
since she has been painting mandalas she feels tat her life ha been altered, expanded, graced and deepened forever.
Our ultimate act of creativity is giving birth to who we are. When you look at the mandala that you have created, you will witness your soul's beauty and creativity.
Barbra Morris sell her paintings at the Feathered Nest in Belleview Florida from $ 45.00 to $450.00 stop by and see her art work and touch the paintings to feel the energy that comes from them. 
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