Artist Lori Baxter & Sherry Mitchell


Feathered Nest is glad to announce a new artist to our art family. Lori Baxter is a self-taught artist. Lori been creating art sense she was a child. Art is in her blood, both of her parents loved to make artistic paintings. Lori paints on a verity of materials (wood, ceramic and furniture). Her favorite thing to paint is horses.

Sherry her sister was taught by internet media and guided by Lori to paint this unique painting style on canvas, the art is organic in nature of minerals and ocean scenes.  Sherry love of art as blossom into an art business, which helped spark Lori into painting again by her sister’s side.

Lori also enjoys designing fiber art pieces, she learned to knit from her grandmother. Besides selling the works at Feathered Nest, she has a store online where you can see more of her works and Sherry.

Please stop by and see both of their art work it is really unique and would look great in your home.

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